Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Sublime (1983 Edition)

I don't know what Stipe is singing about. I've read the lyrics. "Yellow like a geisha gown"? Who knows.

But the mumbling / soaring glory / yearning / mystery of this thing will not be denied.


  1. Murmur is a really nice album. Finding their feet in the studio. Pop melodies with broodingly obscure/muffled lyrics. If you're learning about multitrack recording, this is a great test-piece. Variety, clean lines, simple mixing. Also the 33.3 book about this album is not half bad too.

  2. It's that mixture of melodicism which is so wonderful and rare - when I first heard "Shaking Through" years and years ago, I began singing along though I didn't know any of the words, like some earnest variation of the way Dad's the world over hum the passages of song lyrics they're unfamiliar with.

    I love those 33 1/3 books. New question - ideal album to write about? I'd say You Am I's Hourly Daily, but that could end up uber-autobiographical.

  3. I meant "it's that mixture of melodicism and obscurity" - - stupid brain....